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5 social media tools we can’t live without

5 social media tools we loveClients often ask us how we find the time to manage all the different accounts that we do at once. Well, it takes a lot of creativity, careful strategic thought and (sssh, don’t tell!) a few tools to help make our lives easier. We’re always trialling new tools to help make the process as efficient as possible, so that when you’re paying for our time to run your account, you’re getting the best value possible. Here are just a few of the tools we love right now…

  1. Facebook Insights
    We love Facebook Insights because it’s such an easy way to track your Page’s performance, providing valuable statistics on reach, post engagement and your most popular content in an easy to digest format. We don’t know how we ever survived without it, to be honest! Best of all? It’s free!
  2. Sprout Social

For social media pros like us, Sprout is a real godsend as it not only allows us to schedule posts across multiple channels all in one place, but it provides handy analytics graphs and reports in downloadable PDF format. There is a subscription fee for this one, which is why it’s a pro tool rather than for dabblers, but it more than pays for its value.

  1. GRUM

Creating content for Instagram can be very time consuming, but scheduling it in doesn’t have to be. GRUM allows you to upload pictures, do basic edits and add captions, before scheduling it for the exact date and time you want it to appear. Genius!

  1. Buffer

This scheduling tool is really useful for scheduling in your content – it’s especially useful if you like to share links to multiple news sources as there’s a handy little icon you can add to your tool bar that allows you to buffer a page right there and then without leaving the website you’re on. Easy peasy!

  1. Tweetreach

Ever completed a campaign and wondered how your hashtag has performed? Simply enter your hashtag into Tweetreach.com and it will tell you how many accounts your hashtag has reached, the number of impressions it gained and the top contributors to it. If your hashtag gets a lot of use, you will have to pay for the full report, but at just $20, it’s worth it if you really want to prove the value of your campaign and knock their socks off.