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Bristol #blogclub

Blogging can be quite a solitary activity, so once in a while it’s good to step out from behind your computer and interact with other humans. It’s good for your soul and, if it’s Blog Club you’re attending, it can also be good for your blogging, as I discovered this week.


This monthly gathering was set up by Hayley of Bonjour Bloggerand hosted by the lovely folks at VAN with the aim of getting bloggers together to swap tips and renew our enthusiasm for blogging.

This week’s topic was writer’s block, which everyone admitted to suffering from at different points. We all had different reasons for it – some, like me, do it for a living and so the block comes from viewing it as ‘work’. Others were anxious about what people might think of what they’d written, and felt pressure after reading other blogs to keep up intellectually. This spun me out a bit because usually I forget that anyone else might read this and to be honest, this is my space to be silly. It hadn’t occurred to me that people seeing this might think that silly is all I do.

Having said that, I do think there’s a space in this world for silliness. #BlogClub was full of intelligent, resourceful women of different ages (although I think I may have been one of the oldest in the room) and I learnt things from everyone. I was super impressed by Emily from Pretty Please, who manages to juggle uni with all sorts of activities, including organising her own blogger events. I was super impressed by all of them, to be honest. But if there’s one thing I hope I passed on, it’s that blogging doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

The point (for me, anyway) is to have a little fun with it. That’s true even if you’re doing it to help hone your writing skills and enhance your career prospects. No one wants to hire a robot. You need to have personality, humour and heart, which all of these ladies have in spades. People need to remember you. Even if it is for saying that Siri sounds like a sexy butler…. *ahem*.

*P.S. I totally nicked this intro from Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion, but I figured she wouldn’t mind, since it is the actual rule.

P.P.S I’m not in the photo, because I took it. I was too full of cake to even consider being in front of a camera.