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London Fashion Week AW15

London Fashion Week was a riot of colours and textures this season, and we loved every minute!










Somerset House was abuzz with the sound of snapping shutters as photographers lined up to catch the street style strutting over the cobbles. In fact, it seemed like there were more photographers out on the street than in the shows; the real money appears to be in capturing everyday people wearing the brands we all know and love.


















Whilst there we met up with our favourite blogging duo, She and Hem (above) who were beautifully matched and on trend for this season in 1970s style dresses and fedoras. The girls sent the photographers into a frenzy – it was like being part of a celeb entourage walking around with these two!


















Of course, Style Tribe got its fair share of attention, too. Here’s Vicky and Gina being accosted by the paps – we weren’t quite as as expert as She and Hem when it came to posing, but we gave it our best shot! (And thanks to She and Hem for taking the pic!)

We spent the morning at the Charli Cohen show, which was held at the beautiful ME: London hotel nearby. Charli’s designs are the ultimate in sports luxe and the theme of this season’s show was #CCFightClub, which saw all the models made up like chic ninjas ready for action.

Charli Cohen LFW


The models were strong and atheletic and showcased Charli’s ready-to-wear collection in a strong series of movements which included capoeira-style combat sequences.

Due to Bristol Fashion Week being just around the corner (more on this later!), we weren’t able to stay in London for very long this time but we’re looking forward to next season when hopefully we’ll get to spend more time pounding the pavements and meeting even more stylish people.

Pitch perfect

When the organisers of Britain’s biggest small business competition The Pitch invited us to see this year’s crop of entrepreneurs, we couldn’t resist scooping up some tips along the way…

While we’re called Style Tribe, it’s not just fashion we’re interested in; having true style means being creative, and so it was with great interest that we listened to pitches from some of the UK’s brightest new business owners.

The event, which took place in Bristol last month, is put together by local publishers Sift Media, who run SME bible We were delighted to play a small part in the event, talking to all 30 finalists and helping to compile content for their YouTube channel, which is a fantastic resource for anyone who is thinking about or is already setting up their own business.

The big winner of the day was Rebecca Coates, founder of propertEco. Here’s what she told us after her victory…

The Pitch is now on the lookout for their next big business winner, so if you have a unique idea and want to promote your business and get excellent mentoring support, visit to find out how to enter your business for The Pitch 2015.

Our date with Union J

As part of our work with The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, we spent the day with Union J at the big Christmas light switch on in Bristol…


Photo: Adam Streames

What do you get one big boyband, 10,000 fans and the biggest ice rink in the South West? That’s exactly what we were there to find out last week as we continued our work with The Mall, working on PR and social media for their massive Christmas light switch on event.

The event aimed to raise more than £20,000 for The Grand Appeal, which helps patients and families at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Journalists from Points West, Heart FM, The Post, Made in Bristol TV and many other local titles came along to cover the action. Twitter and Instagram went into meltdown as fans rushed to share photos and videos of their idols.

The event marked the start of Christmas at The Mall, which houses a 1000 sq. metre ice rink, nursery rink and Santa’s enchanted ice castle as part of it’s huge Winter Wonderland attraction, which is open until 11th January.

Check out the video below to find out what happened….

We had a whale of a time working on this project – early stats suggest this could be a very merry Christmas indeed in terms of social media mentions for the attraction, all of which give us a warm, fuzzy festive feeling! We can also confirm that Union J are possibly the nicest chaps in pop right now – every bit as polite and well-mannered as they seem on TV. (Our fave was Jaymi but sssh… don’t tell anyone!)

Zoella and the rise of celeb bloggers


She’s got three times as many Twitter followers as David Cameron, a book deal, and even her own beauty range – but who is Zoella and how is she rewriting the rules for bloggers everywhere?

A newspaper recently dubbed her ‘the most famous woman in Britain you’ve never heard of’ – and that seems apt if you’re not a blogger, because outside of the blogging world few people had heard of Zoe Sugg until this year.  She’s a 24-year-old blogger famous for her down to earth style and bedroom vlogs on all kinds of topics; from what beauty products she loves right now, to her latest fashion buys and even, on occasion, her hamsters. Whatever she talks about, it seems people can’t get enough of her – the Zoella YouTube channel has a crazily massive 6m subscribers – and counting!

There’s been a lot written and tweeted about Zoella over the last few weeks and in the blogging community those who adore her are probably matched in number by those who are insanely jealous of her success. So what is it that this ‘ordinary’, just-like-us girl doing right and how can other bloggers and brands learn from her success? Let’s unpick it…

  1. She’s ‘authentic’
    Yes, we know this is a word that’s horribly overused in the social marketing world, but in this context what we mean is that Zoella’s approach reflects her personal interests and other girls relate to her. When a blog gets popular, the temptation is to accept every product and invitation and run with it. What she does so well is curate things in her own style, taking care only to feature things she really believes in. And that earns respect from followers and brands alike.
  2. She’s consistent
    Unlike a lot of other blogs (ours included!) who only post updates when time permits/when they feel like it, Zoella has kept up a rigorous schedule of blogging. As a content producer, she’s always on time and on point. People following her across various channels can be assured of something new to consume every day. And that has power in a community where new blogs come and go like buses.
  3. She has representation
    Zoella is one of a growing number of bloggers who’ve signed up with a ‘social talent’ agency – in her case it’s Gleam Futures. As the blogging world has got bigger, those seeking to differentiate themselves are turning to large scale networks like these to represent their interests and help monetise their blogs. Only those with the biggest stats and highest quality content are accepted into this world.In a way, this has created a bit of a two-tier system in the blogging community – there’s the professional ones with representation, and the ‘enthusiasts’, i.e. those who write in their spare time from home from their bedroom and make up the majority of the community. They should probably come up with a new name for the ones like Zoella because in reality, she’s not like other bloggers writing from their bedroom anymore – it’s a new phenomenon. The tricky part, if you work with brands, is educating them on this – many of them expect professional quality responses and content from bedroom bloggers, and this just isn’t going to happen – well not free, anyway!If you’re new to this scene, this summary of blogger networks from Bonjour Blogger is a good introduction.
  4. She has a carefully defined target market
    Zoella has been ruthlessly promoted as the tween girls’ blogger of choice and her content is strongly geared towards a younger audience. Zoella is 24, rents her own flat and probably has access to things normal girls couldn’t dream of – e.g. invites to red carpet events. In reality, her life is probably moving further and further away from the experiences of the 14-year-old girls who read her blog every day and idolise her. Yet she’s still pumping out stuff they want to watch – back to school make-up tutorials, break up advice, girls’ nights in, etc. We can’t help but feel that perhaps this is under the guidance of her agency, for whom this demographic is probably a lucrative bargaining tool, but she’s doing it such a natural and un-forced way, it’s still working for her. Whether she’ll still be able to do it aged 30 is another thing, though…
  5. She’s gorgeous
    It sounds superficial, and you definitely need more than this to be as successful as she is – but it helps. Brands like to see a pretty face alongside their products, so the fact that she’s impossibly photogenic only works in her favour. As avid Zoella fans and readers, we’ve yet to come across a bad picture of her – they’re shot with care and edited well, and she’s always beautifully lit and made up in her videos.There’s no denying that appearances matter, but from a brand perspective what’s also important is uniqueness. There are so many gorgeous girls out there, but what makes you stand out? A quirky approach helps her to stand out. What’s your point of difference?

We’d love to hear your opinions on this. Are celeb bloggers like Zoella changing the game for everyone in the community? Tweet us @StyleTribeUK with your thoughts!



Bristol Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014

How quickly a new season comes around – last month we were back at Bristol Fashion Week, helping put the style buzz back into Bristol…


Looks for the show are put together up to six months in advance, so the team works with a carefully selected group of stylists and trend prediction experts who visit all the international shows and provide their tips for what will be in style for the season ahead. (You can read our summary of top trends for Autumn/Winter 2014 here). This season’s major colour is red, so the style team interprets the high street’s offerings into a themed collection, like this one above from Lipsy. (FYI that red jumpsuit on the left is now flying off their shelves!)

Here at Style Tribe, we’re really proud to be part of an event that’s not only fashion-forward, but accessible and affordable for everyone. Our role in the event includes PR, marketing, blogger outreach and creating social media content, which you can see on The Mall’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.


One of the most important aspects of Bristol Fashion Week is that it features fashion for everyone, so all the items are available on the high street at affordable prices, like the sets above from Ann Summers, which retail from about £40. They also do their best to book models with a range of sizes and body shapes, as well as different age groups, which means that whatever your age and size, you should find something for you in the show.



Another important factor that the stylists take into consideration is wear-ability. This is not the show for flimsy fabrics you’ll only wear once. As you can see from the Western-inspired outfits above, these are looks that are designed to last, whatever the weather and regardless of what you’re doing. So these outfits will be just as at home on the school run or a night out with your mates as they would on the catwalk!


Finally, the key ingredient that makes Bristol Fashion Week such a successful event is FUN! The models and dancers on these catwalks dance, sing, and laugh with the audience, making it a welcome change from the surly international catwalks.

If you want to see what out bloggers wore to Bristol Fashion Week, check out our street style gallery here.

Autumn/Winter 2014 trends

Autumn/Winter 2014 trends

Our favourite time of year is already upon us. The September issues are out and the shelves are being stacked high with all things bright and beautiful.  Not sure what to buy? Don’t buy a thing until you read this…

The art of dressing

Bauhaus, expressionism, the Bloomsbury Group and surrealism have all inspired this season’s looks. Hand-painted fabrics and dazzling prints will be brightening up our winter wardrobes this year.

Sheep and chic

Shearlings and sheepskins look set to have a fashion ‘moment’ this season. Dusky, pastel tones will be on our most-lusted after list, as well a trend that some people are calling ‘unexpected fur’ –which made us guffaw a little, but in fact means we’ll be seeing this tactile fabric in new places, such as on the bottom of skirts, on sleeves and in bright colours.

Slouchy trousers

Tailoring is here to stay, but this season it’s much more relaxed – the antithesis of eighties power dressing. Soft fabrics and loose lines are the watchwords this season, so think Jean Muir hanging out in London, rather than Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl!

Red or dead

If you’re buying a dress this autumn/winter, make it an LRD (little red dress). Scarlet, oxblood, ruby – it will all be there on the high street, so whatever your skin tone, there’ll be a red for you.


Whether you’re a Little Red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland, folksy fairytale designs will be unfolding in your wardrobe this year. Decorative motifs and handicraft touches will be the order of the day, and expect to see lots of capes, hooded coats, folksy florals and even woodland creatures (!) this year.

Kitsch cool

Retro brands will be making a comeback via our closets with cereal boxes, brand logos and mascots adorning accessories. Leading the charge was Moschino, with McDonald’s themed looks, but even Anya Hindmarch got in on the action with soap box style purses, suggesting that this is a trend that’s here to stay – for this season at least.


Practical fashionistas will rejoice a the return of military, utilitarian styles. From simple wool pants to luxuriously crafty leathers and coats with frogging, this look is rugged and ideal for urban adventures. This look should serve us well when the weather gets cold!

Back to the future

Sadly this isn’t a revival of Marty McFly’s wardrobe – instead, it’s a fresh take on swinging sixties. Think optical prints, mini-skirts and chic belt coats. It’s Marsha Brady meets Jackie O. And oh my gosh, it’s so wearable.