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Uptown/downtown girl

Bristol has an eclectic style. From the chic streets of Clifton, to the back streets of Broadmead, fashion lurks in every corner…

Last year I was approached by Stella magazine at the Telegraph to snap some street style in Bristol. The feature didn’t go ahead in the end, but it seemed a shame not to share some of these lovely snaps with you all.

Below: Photographer and blogger Amy Fielding, snapped in Clifton

Amy Fielding_2

The aim was to show the two sides of the city – the clean, chi-chi Cliftonites and the grimy streetwise chic of ‘downtown’ Broadmead. In fact, there’s so much more to this place than that, but it seemed like a good place to start.

Below: Sisters Beanie and Frankie (a.k.a DJ Lady Franks) snapped in Broadmead

Frankie and Beanie

Below: Helen Martin, Editor of Lionheart Magazine, snapped in Clifton

Helen Martin_2

Below: Meg Pope (a.k.a DJ Megala) snapped in Broadmead

Meg Pope

These were just a few of the shots I took that week. What’s really special about them is that these women are all part of the creative scene in Bristol, bringing ideas and inspiration to our streets – not just with what they wear but also through the things they make and do.

Love to all my Bristol girls!

Gina x

Eclectic Bristol style at its best...